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I am Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessorin) of Sociology of the Welfare State at the University of Mannheim. I studied Social Sciences at the Humboldt University of Berlin and received my PhD from the University of Cologne in November 2013. I was then a postdoctoral fellow at the SOCIUM Research Center at the University of Bremen, and in 2017 a Visiting Scholar at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University. From 2018 to 2021, I was Interim Chair of Macrosociology at the University of Mannheim.

Does the Corona crisis increase social inequality in employment chances? How are pension systems related to gender differences in retirement income and wealth? What impact does caregiving have on women’s labour force participation? What influences citizens’ support for or opposition to gender quotas? How do unions position in family policy?  These and related questions are the focus of my research agenda. I combine quantitative analyses of panel and life history data with policy analyses focusing on labour market and pension systems.

Currently, I am leading projects at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research and in the SFB 884 “Political Economy of Reforms” that focus on employment biographies, gender inequality, pensions, citizens’ attitudes towards social policy and migration, and positioning of interest organizations. Since 2019, I am co-project leader of the interdisciplinary junior research group “Integration of Migrants and Attitudes towards the Welfare State” (funded by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs).

I am co-editor of the Journal of Social Policy Research, member of the editorial board of the journal Work, Aging and Retirement, and board member of the Section Social Policy of the German Sociological Association.

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